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Ivanara Moura is the web developer, designer and sole proprietor of Web Design Cia. She has been a web designer and web content producer since 1998. Her last 8 years as a Web Producer and Content Manager at Royal Caribbean Cruise has given her the know-how and experience to move on to the next level of her career aspiration in life: use her talent and skills to help small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs and bloggers to get their presence known out there in the world.

Born in Brazil, she is a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker, and for have living in Florida for the last 28 years she is proficient in both English and Spanish which granted her a position as a senior global web producer in her last job. She was involved in a pioneering web globalization project which pushed her to meet the highest standards and the most challenging deadlines, and that has given her the drive and skills to now offer the highest standard web design services to the clientele that needs the most exposure in our competitive world.